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Fox Valley Technical College Students

If you are currently attending a Wisconsin Technical College System School or University of Wisconsin College and would like to reside at Gruenhagen Conference Center, contact Sherry Boushele-Walter at (920) 424-1422.

Lodging Rooms

Students lodging in Gruenhagen Conference Center reside in a single occupancy room, no roommate. Each room contains two twin beds, two dressers, two closets, two desks and bookshelves, and a microwave/refrigerator unit.

At no additional charge, each room comes with an in room connection for cable television (including HBO) and high-speed internet.  Wireless (WIFI) access is available in various common areas on the first floor and lower level of GCC, as well as in all floor lounges.  We also offer access to a state of the art computer resource center located on the first floor of the conference center, which is open from 7:15am-11:45pm daily.


Front Desk:  The front desk offers a variety of services, such as copies, fax machine, U.S. mail drop off, stamps, and a change machine.  The desk also has kitchen equipment and board games available for check out.

Kitchen:  We have a full service kitchen in our lower level that is available for your use.  Kitchen utensils, pots and pans are available to be checked out through the front desk.

Laundry:  Laundry facilities are available on-site.  The current charges are $1.25 per washer load and $1.25 per dryer load.  We have front load washers, which provide a highly effective method of cleaning clothes.

Titan Card

All FVTC and UW college students residing in the Gruenhagen Conference Center will be required to purchase an affiliate UW Oshkosh identification card.  The cost of this card is $20.00.  The card will be used for various purposes on the UW Oshkosh campus from entering the facility to dining services and access to City of Oshkosh Transit.

Student Meal Plan Option

No matter how hectic your schedule is, how little time you have, or how occasionally your needs for on-campus food service arise; we have a meal plan that will work for you.  Opting for a block meal meal will allow you to use as many or as few meals at a time as you need, without restrictions.  Choose a block plan if you have an inconsistent schedule that calls for you to eat on campus 10 times this week and only once next week.  If you are always on campus and typically eat two or three meals a day, you may want to opt for a more standard (14 or 21 meals per week) meal plan.

Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC)

The SRWC is one of the finest facilities of its kind providing students with terrific opportunities for recreation, fitness, and fun!  At a additional cost of $170 per semester, your Titan Card will give you access to group exercise classes, over 100 pieces of cardio equipment, a jogging/walking track, basketball and volleyball courts, a climbing wall, and more!


Every motor vehicle (including motorcycles and mopeds) on University property must have a valid parking permit.  Resident permits are limited but FVTC and UW College students residing in GCC are guaranteed a parking permit, provided they send in their parking application by the deadline (July 31st of each year).  The cost for a resident permit is $250 per year (subject to change).

Building Security

Side entrances to GCC are locked 24 hours a day.  Students can use their Titan Card to access the building or use the main entrance (open 7:00 am - midnight).  Students are responsible for their safety and the safety of others.  By not allowing others to follow you into a building and being aware of your surroundings, you can prevent issues from occurring.

All residence halls have nighttime Security Stations staffed by Community Advisors (CAs) and Community Service Officers (CSOs). Security Stations serve as a checkpoint for monitoring resident and guest access to our residence halls. Residents must use their Titan Card to gain access into the building and guests must present a state issued ID. The stations are staffed nightly and run from 9:30 p.m.–2:30 a.m. on Sunday through Thursday nights and from 9:30 p.m.–3:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.


Gruenhagen Hall is managed by a full-time Residence Hall Director (RHD), who is a professional that has earned a Master's degree in Student Affairs or a related field.  The RHD is here to supervise staff, encourage leadership development, run the building and make sure you have a positive growing experience.

There is also an Assistant Residence Hall Director (ARHD) who is a graduate student that assists the hall director in the day to day operations of the building, along with supervising the staff.

Community Advisors (CAs) are UW Oshkosh undergraduate students who are trained to assist students in many ways.  For example, he or she can answer questions about campus, resolving roommate conflicts, advise students in developing better study skills, etc.  CAs also plan a number of events within the hall and encourage you to get involved outside of the classroom. 

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